222D                                    222S

Tired of chasing empty seed bags on windy days?  Go bulk!

The Bulk Seed Stands work well to fill your individual row unit boxes or central fill planters.  You can also use the chutes to put the seed in the auger or conveyor that is on your planter or drill or use a seed vac.

This stand has a 22 inch rise.

The following videos apply to the 222 stands.

Stands have a rail on the front so a trolley can move the air-lock from chute to chute, allowing you to switch varies in 30 seconds or less when used with an air system.

It allows easy loading of boxes.  Just place the box on outer edge of the stand and slide the box to the center of the trailer.  This centers the weight on your trailer.

Each chute hinges down out of the way to load the seed boxes.  Then by pushing down on the outer edge of the chute, it tips out over the edge of the trailer as the large end goes up under the center of the box to allow the seed to flow from the box into the air-lock of the seed vac, auger or conveyor.